Bespoke Chainsaw Carving

About me

As my confidence and ability improved, I attempted more intricate designs, such as bears and other small animals.
Since these early days, I have extended my repertoire of designs, and have exhibited my carvings in a range of settings, from small local fairs, to larger art exhibitions. In 2012, I had a selection of pieces displayed as part of the Arundel Gallery Trail.  These sculptures included a 7 foot high mushroom carved from solid oak and cherry. Following on from this exhibition, I was commissioned to create a full two-piece suite of sofas and coffee table.

2013 brought new ideas and concepts, and in my enthusiasm for personal development, I started to challenge myself with more technical and intricate designs. These involved a new range of sculptures based around the human form. Detail, I found, was key in the observation and carving of proportions, especially in facial expressions, which up till this point, I had limited to my bear sculptures.

During 2014, I had the opportunity to develop this skill, when I was commissioned to create a life-sized World War One soldier, for a four-year-long placement in Rustington town centre. This project was designed to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War. In addition to the soldier, I also felt it important to remember the sacrifice of the brave animals who served alongside their human counterparts. For this reason, I decided to carve a horses head, to stand next to the soldier.

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Having discovered the world of the chainsaw artist in 2011, I decided to put my hand to the art myself, producing my very first piece, carved initials for my sister's wedding.

Encouraged by my success, I developed my ideas  and  produced a range of simple carvings, including mushrooms, small benches and chairs.